In 1991 at an altitude of 300m the family of Nick Petinis founded the winery and homestead out of love for nature. With a lot of personal work, the homestead has become their permanent dwelling. Surrounded by organically cultivated vineyards and forests and orchards, as well as a variety of animals from local species, the homestead has become a miniature Edem.

The vineyards were cultivated by the proprietor with great love and devotion, expressing his love for wine, which is man’s oldest drink from years gone by.

The farm is about 30 hectares and is totally surrounded by forest. The homestead is found on the pathway of Vardari and due to its position and the influence of the North wind on the vineyards, has the advantage of being in a dry area, which is beneficial to the vineyards. The climate is very dry, with big differences in temperatures from night to day, from summer to winter. There is no pollution of soil, air or water in the area.

All of the above mentioned contribute to the production of a wine that is totally environmentally friendly and healthy for human consumption. Under the supervision of specialists in wine making, the species of French and Greek grapes such as Ugni Blanc, Merlot, Malagouzia, Syrah, Xinomavro and Sauvignon Blanc, are used to produce the different wines.

The winery is equipped with the latest of technology, including the latest bottling equipment.

The winery is certified and inspected by the authorities and organizations promoting organic cultivation, from the day of its founding.


Red wine

DANAE 2011
A nicely balanced mature wine with aromatic flavors of red fruits with a hint of vanilla and spices, after maturing for at least a year in small, French, oak barrels of the finest Houses.
Well rounded flavors which will continue to improve in its bottle for several years to come.
It nicely complements r3d meat,game and matured hard cheese.
Organic certified from our private vineyards 15,5° VOL
A dry red wine from 60% merlot and 40% shiraz (syrah) with attractive, pure aromas of its varieties, smooth tasty tannins with superb aftertaste!
Matured in the bottle, it surprisingly continues to improve its characteristics.
It pleasantly complements pasta, red meat and cheese.

White wine

White wine matured in French oak barrels from Sauvignon blanc 70% & Μalvasia candia 30% organic grapes.
Recommended with white meat, pasta, shellfish and fruit salad.
Serve chilled at 10-12ºC.
Can be matured in the bottle for an additional 2 years.
100% Sauvignon.A dry,white wine which unfolds nicely and strongly,the very original characteristics of its homeland.That makes it a distinct,dry Sauvignon which perfectly complements seafood,smooth flavoured cheese,white meat and fruits.
Organic certified from our own vineyards with no chemical use. 15° vol.

Rose wine

A Very distinct roze, from a traditional north Greek variety of Xinomavro, with a deep color, semi dry with a superb pallet of all aromas.
An excellent <<danscer>>, even on its own, anytime anywhere, and of cource with the complements of white fruits or light cheese, giving always a fantastic show!

Aged wine

A very rich wine, matured for a long time in small, French, oak barrels of the finest Houses. With very rich third generation flavors of dried fruits and spices, which leave an excellent taste with rich body, mature and smooth tanins.
It perfectly complements matured hard cheese, ideally following a heavy meal.
A fantastic way to end a night!
Organic from our private vineyards 14,5 ° VOL

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