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Ancient travelers link “Ariousios wine” with Homer – the greatest poet of all ages…..

Ariousios wine was one of the most famous wines of ancient Greece.
The poets called it the wine of the gods while during past centuries the travellers wanted to link “Ariousios wine” with Homer, the greatest poet of all ages. Legent says….wine production was so prevalent on Chios that Dionysus gave his personal blessing to the island and its wine. The noted English writer O.J. Galt mentions that Julius Caesar favored it. It was featured at Roman meals and superseded the famous Italian wines. The famous doctor Galen prescribed the wine for the distillation of medicines used to treat some diseases.
The story of Chios wine goes on… when a group of people from the surrounding villages reinstated it in life with the founding of the company ARIOUSIOS S.A.

The vision of the founders of the ARIOUSIOS S.A. was implemented around 1998 starting with the cultivation of the vineyards. Wine making facilities were launched in August of 2009.
The owners and all those who passionately support the effort to revive the cultivation of the vine in Chios aspire to restore the reputation of the famous Chian wine reliving the legend of Ariousia Land.
Today, the company produces and bottles about 150 000 bottles of wine. A great percentage of this production is exported mainly to the U.S.A., Italy, U.K. and other countries as our network is progressively expanding.

The Winery
The winery is located at a slope over the settlement of Egrigoros, NW Chios, about 59 km from Chios town, in a prime position overlooking the endless Aegean Sea.
The capacity of today is 150 tons of wine and the perspective is for 300 tons.
It is constructed in a modern way of thinking on three levels, including the aging cellar. It offers an integrated and modern wine analysis laboratory and is properly certified.

Tasting Hall
In the field of wine-making facilities operates the hall “Ariousia Chora”. Here visitors can watch the audiovisual material on local history and wine, taste our wines paired with the local delicacies and enjoy, evening hours, a glass of wine, coffee and sweet, in a friendly environment, whilst in front of them lies a great view of the landscape of northwest Chios.

«Ariousios Afstiros», red dry wine, 750 ml
The unique local varieties Chiotiko krassero and Ayannitis, which used to be cultivated in Chios since ancient times are offering nowadays too, this excellent red wine.

«Ariousia Chora», white dry wine, 750ml
This white wine is produced from a fine blend of Aegean varieties Assyrtiko and Athiri.

«Ariousios Glikazon», red semisweet, 750 ml
This semi-sweet wine is produced from the local variety Chiotiko krassero, from the excellent quality grapes that are spread in sunlight so as to achieve a natural sweetener and grown on the slopes of the Amani Mountains at the NW part of Chios Island.

«Greek Islands», Dry white, 750 ml
This dry white wine is produced from the exceptional Aegean Sea’s variety Assyrtiko, which is meant to be the most famous white grape variety of Greece by now!


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