The “Cellar in Bali“, by Michael Lyronis has been active over the past 30 years in the dairy industry and in wholesale dairy products of the Cretan land.

In Grandma’s pantry smells from the pure cheese and olives, fertilized with the aroma of the wine and the power of local “raki”. The images and smells remain unchanged in time and create a unique environment, by the moment you pass the threshold of Michalis Lyroni in Bali Crete.

In the Michael’s cellar, the traditional Cretan diet found her house!

Local, pure, quality products! The gifts of the Cretan land, after rigorous selection can be found on the shelves of the store, continuing the rich and long history with cheese, a pure and authentic taste that honors the Cretan tradition.

And from the cellar, directly into the homes of those who actually require healthy diet and claim the quality of life in their daily lives!

The “Cellar in Bali“, by Michael Lyronis has the cheese products and particularly the Graviera Kritis PDO throughout the Greek market and in foreign markets.

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