An endless source of coolness and life any hour and any minute of the day!
Rare and original by nature!
Precious and special thanks to its rich content in minerals and micronutrients.
Doubia Natural Carbonated Mineral Water comes from the spring “Doubia” which is located in Chalkidiki, in Northern Greece. It is light, healthy, cooling and natural refreshment that is ideal for every minute of the day!

The course of unique water through the centuries
The story of Doubia Natural Carbonated Mineral Water started many centuries ago, in a village called Doubia, in Chalkidiki. According to local tradition, Saint Paul visited the Doubia area while traveling toward Thessaloniki and as he was tired and weak from his trip, he drunk from the spring. He regained his strength and he blessed the spring in gratitude. Since then, the water was considered holy and numerous miraculous healings have been reported over time.

Why Natural Mineral water?
Dοubia water has been officially characterized as Natural Mineral Water due to its clarity and high content in Calcium, Magnesium, Carbonic acid ions, while it is bottled as it springs.
Its contact with the rocks in the subsoil results to the water acquiring a number of precious minerals and micronutrients, which are essential to the human body.
Moreover, through proper control of processing and filtering, the water’s composition remains constant thus continuously ensuring high quality.
Doubia Natural Carbonated Mineral Water maintains all of the mentioned characteristics of Natural Mineral Water, but thanks to its natural carbon dioxide content is also contributes to good digestion.

What does it offer?
Every bottle of Doubia Natural Carbonated Mineral Water contains all the precious ingredients that make it unique by nature.
The water is rich in Magnesium, Calcium and Carbonic acid ions that support the heart, digestion and generally contribute to the body’s overall functioning and grand a special sense of fulfillment.

Naturally carbonated water
Naturally carbonated mineral water springs are very rare around the globe. Naturally carbonated is the water that contains carbon dioxide from the spring. There are only three such springs in Greece, and Doubia is one of them.

Consistent quality
At present, DOUBIA MALAMATINA S.A. has created one of the most modern bottling plants in Europe at the spring area. The plant utilizes fully automated
bottling and packaging processes, pursuant to the strictest specifications set by the European Union, in order to maintain water quality at consistent levels, thus distinguishing this water from all other Natural Mineral Waters.

• BOTTLES – Non returnable in 250ml, 330ml, 750ml &1 L
• Packs: 6 bottles X 0,25L & 4 bottles X 0,25L


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