GOJI SPIRIT is located in Vrachati Korinthias, in Greece. Our passion and knowledge for a proper and healthy nutrition have led us to the production of high-value nutritional products. The Goji berry fruits that we use in our products come from our own organic cultivation and are certified by TUV AUSTRIA.
Our Goji berries are grown in the fertile soil of the Corinthian county under the Mediterranean environment in our own cultivations. Its fruits are mellow with a strong red color and a sweet taste.
We have created an innovative series of organic Goji Berry products of premium quality, so that you have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious properties of this special superfood in our everyday life, by offering us more choices and tasty combinations!
Goji Berry can now be part of the breakfast, in the sauces, salads, snacks or even in a fresh fruit drink full of vitamins and proteins, as spreads, chutneys, juices, sauce, dressing, pickle.


  • Organic Juice Goji berry Apple 50%-50%
  • Organic Juice Goji berry Orange50%-50%
  • Organic Juice Goji berry Apple 20%-80%
  • Organic Juice Goji berry Orange 20%-80%
  • Organic Spread Goji berry Apple Cinnamon with Agave
  • Organic Spread Goji berry Orange Basil with Agave
  • Organic Chutney Goji berry Apple Curcuma
  • Organic Chutney Goji berry Orange Beetroot Chili
  • Organic Sauce Goji berry-Tomato- Oregano
  • Organic Dressing Goji berry- Mountain Tea -Anise
  • Organic Goji berry Pickle

Goji berry 100% Organic Juices

Available in two flavors: Goji berry – Apple / Goji berry – Orange
Without any extra sugar – They only contain the fruits” natural sugar

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