“Helixland” is a company that operates in the field of snail farming. Our unit complies with all the regulations and conditions of the Greek state for its operation. Its headquarters are in Dialekto Kastoria an area at the foot of Voiou Mountain, with special natural beauty, fresh air and ideal microclimate for the development of snails.
Our study and training in veterinary and agricultural science gave us the advantage of organizing an appropriate unit to support the requirements and particularities of farmed snails.
Furthermore, to design and implement quality, safe and beneficial for human health products.
So we created food and cosmetics. Food includes fresh snails, gourmet series with snail fillets and freezer codes.
In cosmetics we emphasized the beneficial properties of the ingredients of snail secretions for human skin and we present the series “natural cosmetics”.
This is a complete range of face care with natural snail secretion.

  •  All our products are certified and carry the appropriate certificates.

 Snail Natural Cosmetics

  • Day Cream (40ml)
  • Night Cream (40ml)
  • 24h Cream (40ml)
  • Eye Cream (15ml)
  • SERUM (30ml)
  • Face Soap (natural)
  • Face Soap (Cucumber, Carrot and Aloe)

See HERE for “Snails Gourmet Products”.

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