The “Kakoulakis Family” began many years ago its cultivation of olive trees in private olive groves in the fertile island of Crete.
The area of Messara is known for its particular cultivation olive due to its special microclimate alongside the Mediterranean climate with plenty of light that create the basic prerequisites to develop the precious olives in the fertile soil of Crete.
Having the knowledge but also the love of the producer the “Family Kakoulaki “makes all the stages of processing the fruit with the most natural but also genuine Cretan traditional way of distinguishing initially in local market but also in the rest of Greece.
The aim and purpose of the “Kakoulaki family” is to complete their customer’s satisfaction , always covering the most difficult requirements that may arise.
All products are produced without preservatives with the most natural -traditional way and available for wholesale (in companies and stores) as well as retail.
– Olives
Cretan Black olives in brine (stafidoelies), Edible olives koroneiki variety, Green Olives (tsunata)
– Tapenade/Paste
Black olives (stafidoelies) paste, Olive paste with honey, Hot olive paste
– Olive oil in various packages
– Crete products 
Dried tomatoes, Dried raisins, Vine leaves in brine, Wild artichoke hearts in brine

– HORECA packages

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