One of the most delicious halva that you will ever try produced at Thessaloniki in the LOUKAS laboratory.
The knowledge and the art of making halva were brought by the brothers John and George Lucas in 1945 from Constantinople.
Today the lab is at the hands of grandchildren John and George and the company continues the family tradition as the product recipes and their love for art remains the same.
Since 2003 the company exports its products in Australia, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria.

     “Halva” from the Arabic word that means “sweet ” came to our country from the Greek refugees from Turkey that settled in Greece and created over 50 production of crafts, many of which are preserved to our days. This Halva, the so called “grocer’s”, (unlike the semolina) is made from tahini (60%) and a blend of caramel, made from sugar, glucose and tsoueni and is modern and timely as ever, claiming the title of healthier sweet, because the raw material, sesame, is one ” Vitamin bomb “and” antioxidant “.


    With vanilla, cocoa, almond, pistachio, fig and dark chocolate, almond and chocolate
  • CHOCOLATE NUT BARS (Karydopasto)
  • TAHINI (crushed sesame seeds)
    Simple and whole
    Flavors of vanilla, mastic, strawberry, chocolate, lemon.

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