Pistachio and products derived from it, is the core of “Megaris Goods” and represents faith in the impressive nutritional value of their products.
“Megaris Goods” owns a 40-acre area in the northwest of Attica (in Megara, a city almost in the middle of Athens and Corinthos) located in the fruitful plains surrounded by Mountains and its aim is the cultivation of natural products of the highest nutritional value.
It is a completely verticalized groundbreaking business, defined by total ownership of its premises and complete control over the cultivation, processing, standardization and direct distribution of its products to selected international markets while guaranteeing excellent quality and lowest possible prices.

The Karvelas family is engaged with the primary agricultural sector for over 150 years. By the end of 1950s, Alexandros Karvelas established the first pistachio plantations in the area of Megara. Three generations later, the grandchild, Stelios Karvelas, creates “Megaris Goods”, keeping a family tradition alive, passing the flame of an entire way of life.


  • Mr. Raw (230g, 8oz)
    Unprocessed fruit in its natural form
  • Mr. Raw with Friends Mr. Salted and Mr. Lemon (230g, 8oz)
    Megara Roasted Pistachio with Salted Powder
  • Mr. Raw with Mr. Lemon (230g, 8oz)
    Megara Roasted Pistachio with Lemon Juice
  • Mr. Naked (230g, 8oz)
    Megara Raw Pistachio Kernel

Pistachio from Megara, of Protected Designation of Origin (P.O.D.) since 1994, is an excellent dry fruit considered widely among “superfoods” due to its overwhelming number of beneficial attributes.
Its origin is from Iran although later it was widely cultivated in the Central Asia and the Middle East before passing by mid 19th century in the western world, the Mediterranean and America. Pistachio first appeared in Greece by the end of 19th century.
Nowadays, the experts have characterized pistachio as a super food because of the benefits it can give to us!
It has also anti – aging action and it protects from heart diseases!
So, its production and its value are thriving rate of progress.
The unique green color, the one-of –the- kind taste and the various ways that pistachio could be edible makes it extremely beloved.
Enjoy the pistachio of “Megaris Goods” as a snack, either fresh or roasted and salty usually combined with several drinks or as a basic ingredient in many traditional sweet and salty recipes as baklavas, galaktobureko, halvas, chocolate, butter and numerous cold cuts as mortadella respectively.

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