The company OLIVA NATURA operates in the field of traditional products from 2009 with retail stores in Heraklion Crete.
The constant contact with the customer as well as the increasing love for quality products created us the thought of setting up our own wholesale company in cooperation with certified Greek producers, always with quality in mind.
So our products are packaged in very elegant and practical packaging for the best service of our customers.


PERLA products from extra virgin olive oil
It’s a unique product to decorate seafood dishes, salads, meat, soups, brochettes and much more.


E2509 – Kalamata Olives 150gr & 250gr
E2508 – Kalamata Olives with Oregano 150gr & 250gr
E2505 – Mixed Olives 150gr & 250gr
E2506 – Mixed Olives Spice 150gr & 250gr
E2509 – Throumba Olives 150gr & 250gr
E2501 – Green Olives 150gr & 250gr
E2502 – Green Olives Spice 150gr & 250gr
E2503 – Green Olives with Oregano 150gr & 250gr
E2504 – Green Olives with Garlic 150gr & 250gr


PO 100 – PERLA Olive Gourmet 100, jar 65gr
PL 100 – PERLA Olive Lemon 100, jar 65gr
PH 100 – PERLA Olive Thyme 100, jar 65gr
PT 100 – PERLA Olive Chili 100, jar 65gr
TR 100 – PERLA Olive Truffle 100, jar 65gr
CO 100 – PERLA Olive Caviar 100, jar 65gr
EL01 – Olive Oil “The Gold Oliva 0,2” ,250ml can
EL02 – Olive Oil “The Gold Oliva 0,2” ,500ml can
EL03 – Olive Oil “The Gold Oliva 0,2” , 1lt can
BAO1 – Olive Oil, Glass 250ml
EBO1 – Olive Oil, with herbs, 250ml
EBO3 – Olive Oil, with herbs, Heel, 200ml
EBO4 – Olive Oil, with herbs, Pistola, 200ml
EBO6 – Olive Oil, with herbs, Fish, 500ml
EBO6 – Olive Oil, with herbs, Horse, 750ml

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