“Sapfo of Mytilene” extra virgin olive oil – The highest quality and the richest flavour.

For over three decades, the Papadellis family has charted its own history in the cultivation and production of olive oil. Today, the company enjoys dynamic presence in the national and international markets, and offers to its consumers the extra virgin olive oil “Sapfo of Mytilene”.

Guided by love for the production of high-quality olive oil, we continually invest in new technologies and apply methods of cold pressurisation in order for the olive pulp to retain all of its nutritional elements and value.

Our facilities have been outfitted with an insulated transportation tank that complies with all regulations for safety and reliability, while we recently inaugurated a new olive oil preservation storage facility.

“Sapfo” cooperating with three large companies abroad, two of which are Spanish and the other Italian, and which we have supplied with 1100 tons of choice Mytilene olive oil. At the same time, the company has for years been the basic supplier of two large Greek companies.

We envisage that our export activity and collaboration with other large companies will play a determining role in marketing Lesvian olive oil at international level.


  • The extra virgin olive oil “Sapfo of Mytilene”
    This oil stands out owing to the unique flavour which reinforces its Mediterranean identity and is ranked among the choicest oils in the market.
  • The virgin olive oil “Alkaios”
  • Unpacked olive oil of all varieties.
  • Traditional handmade olive oil soaps

*The extra virgin olive oil “Sapfo of Mytilene” and the virgin olive oil “Alkaios” derive their names from two outstanding figures of the ancient world, both of whom were born and resided on Lesvos. According to an ancient myth, Sappho, it is worth mentioning, has been associated with the discovery of soap, an olive oil product.

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