Our pastry company Parfait PC was established in March of 1981 to the town of Serres in North Greece and since then operates in the field of pastry production. Gradually, has been developed in a modern company, well – equipped with high technology machinery and certified by the food safety system ISO22000:2005.
The company has many activities. One of them is the production of traditional products such as:
• Akanes: a traditional local delight
• Loukoumia : Greek traditional delights in several flavors
• kourambies: Greek traditional cookie filled with pieces of almond
• Delights filled with dried fruits (blueberry. Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Apricot, Sesame and Dried Grapes)

The result of the excellent quality of our products, is our cooperation, with great success, with the Hellenic Duty Free Shops all over Greece (Airports, Ports and Border Stations)
The aim of our company, always given the excellent quality of its products, is to be developed in the broader market of trade.
Due to this effort, we contact with you in order to present you our company and its products.

Loukoumia, Greek Delights
A traditional dessert taken from lost recipes of the Far East in the 15th century combines with the vast experience of our company. The taste captures the authenticity of the materials that compose the excellent dominant flavor. Enjoy it the way you want, either with your coffee or as a healthy and delicious desert.
An authentic taste experience that you will remember for a long time…
• Vanilla flavor Coconut flavor
• Cocktail (Mix of flavors) Rose flavor
• Delight with Almond pieces
• Delight with Mastic Chios flavor

Sweet collection with dried fruits
Dried fruits are rich as you know in vitamins E and C as minerals and trace elements, such us iron, cooper, selenium and potassium, nutrients associated with blood and muscle health and function.
As you realized we managed to combined the nutrients of the fruits with the delight of a unique desert

An extremely premium delight, taken from the local tradition of Serres, that wakes up memories of fragrances of the past, as roasted dried nuts and fresh goat butter combine unexpectedly. An unexpected authentic taste experience that will be unforgettable!!!!

Our company also produces traditional buns, a trademark of Greek society and an exceptional pastry for beverage. This product is being produced with the finest ingredients such as fresh butter, vanilla and almonds,(which makes it crunchy with a special flavor).



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