AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE OF THE PRESPA NATIONAL PARK – PELEKANOS (a. s. Pelican) was created with the purpose of promotion, visibility and promotion of Prespa’s beans. This is a highly organized company for the proper cultivation of beans of Prespes, the quality assurance of the product and the protection of environment.
Beans comply in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 and apply the integrated management system.
Prespa Beans are a traditional product of the region and they are classified as Protected Geographical Indication Product.
They are very nutritious, while they stand out for their quality that is due to the place and the way they are produced Elephant Beans of Prespes
You can recognize an Elephant bean from Prespes by its exquisite taste, its very large size, its white or dark colour, its kidney shape and above all its excellent quality. Its suitability for cooking and excellent appearance is due to the soil composition and microclimate of Prespa.
Elephant beans are packed with nutrients, high in energy and low in cholesterol and fat. • Elephant beans contain: Energy 307 kcal/100 gr; Carbohydrates 58%; Fibre 11%; Protein 17%; total Fats 1%; rich in minerals and trace elements; very low calories 80 -100; an excellent source of iron 4 mlg/100gr. Finally, they contain folic acid, a substance with anticancer action.


  • Colored Giants, packaging 1Kg & 3Kg
  • Giants-Elephants, packaging 3Kg & 5Kg (Giants)
  • Giants-Elephants, packaging 3Kg (Elephants)
  • Large, flat packing 3Kg & 5Kg

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